About Us

The Lawn Equipment Company is a locally owned Boise, Idaho business dedicated to helping our customers beautify their environment by providing affordable, professional grade lawnscaping equipment, parts and services with integrity and value to our customers.

Our business approach:

Purchasing equipment from us

  • We have done the homework for you. You can be confident in your purchasing decision.
  • Products are assembled, tested & ready for work.
  • We offer a 5 day return program, less any refurbishment costs and restocking necessary for resale.

Purchasing parts from us

  • We strive to order the correct part, timely and cost effectively.
  • We offer assistance to any customer in determining the correct part.
  • We offer competitive parts pricing.

Equipment Service

  • We will do our best to avoid surprises in the repair bill.
  • We will do our best to get you going again quickly.
  • We will take care of warranty issues.
  • We will pick up and deliver your equipment if requested.

Customer Service

  • Our actions will reflect respect & appreciation for our customers.
  • We will provide regular updates on repair progress.
  • We will get back to you with an answer.
  • We will help you have great working equipment to make yard work, yard fun.